Our Vision

Save Our Planet, Care for the People In Need.  

Chairman’s Message

We all want to protect our planet, and to help save our delicate planet. However, do we fully understanding the meaning of environmental protection? Could we implement the concept of waste recycling in our daily life effectively? Would we be willing to minimize the destruction of environment for future generations?

In Hong Kong, it is not difficult to find good quality furniture disposed at garbage station. We are not making good use of resource to reduce waste. To advocate a greener life, we have to put a big change of lifestyle, implement smart usage of resources. Encouraging public to reduce waste at source is the most effective ways to minimize the negative environmental effects caused by the human race, and we should adopt the concept of “Less disposable, More reusable” on every aspect of our living.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you work with us on environmental protection. Let us to make a sustainable Hong Kong for future generations.

Raymond Ho,Chairman of Chu Kong Plan